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Incorporating LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures Into Your Home

If you are building a brand new home or remodeling one that is already constructed, you might want to consider adding LED recessed lighting fixtures into several areas of the design. These are an excellent source of ambient light that can work well in practically any style of home. However, before you begin shopping for new light fixtures, you should understand your needs and how to fulfill them. Otherwise, you could end up needing to remodel down the line.

First of all, it is vital that you understand the lighting needs for each room. From the foyer to the utility room, general light is needed. You will also need lights in strategic locations throughout the house to help create a particular atmosphere or serve a function. For instance, in the kitchen, you will need to have focused bright light for your food prep area.

Generally speaking, you will find that recessed lights are best suited for ambient lighting needs. However, you might include them for task lighting in certain situations, such as in the bathroom. You can install them in the floors or the walls, depending on the room.

The fixtures you choose should be visually pleasing and in line with the style of the home. Consider the colors and lines of the pieces you select to ensure that there is a harmony in each room and throughout the home. If you are not certain how to accomplish this, consult with a home decor expert.

When using LED recessed fixtures in the room for general purposes, it is best to place them in the ceiling. This will provide the greatest coverage for the entire room. By using more than one light, you can make sure that you do not have any dark, recessed looking corners in the space. Another benefit to installing recessed lights in the ceiling is that you will not have to worry about anyone bumping them.

You will need to choose the correct housing and trim for your lights as well. The housing refers to the parts that cannot be seen whereas the trim is visible in the room. There are several different choices within each that you should understand.

For instance, new construction housing is bulkier than remodel though both can be used for existing or new homes. You will need to have more access to the installation area with those listed as “new construction” styled housing.

Another important option involves whether or not the housing is rated to come into contact with insulation. Look for whether or not it is IC-rated, which stands for insulation contact. If the unit is not, you will need to have a minimum of three inches around the entire unit in the back.

You will also have to understand whether you want line or low voltage installation for your LED light fixtures. Low voltage provides greater energy efficiency but more effort at installation. However, the additional time and money spent on the transformer and possibly dimmer will pay off in the long run with a lower power bill. This can be particularly relevant in an area where the lights will be on a great deal of the time.

There are also many different trim styles that you can choose from. Think about how the room will look with each of them. What does the overall house look like? Is it a charming rustic cottage or a sleek urban condo? You want the trim to reflect the design of the building and be in line with your decor plans.

With adjustable trim, you can move the LED lighting around, providing a great source for task related lighting. However, baffle trim is the most common for ambient lighting needs. Similarly, reflector trim is popular but for the opposite reason. The baffle absorbs excess light whereas the reflector maximizes the output. You need to understand the desired ambiance for a room to know which is the best choice.

You will find that there are other types of trim and that you have color finish choices too. In addition to black and white, nickel and bronze are great choices for your decorating needs.

Once you know what it is that you are wanting and how each of these features comes into play, you can begin to shop for new LED recessed lighting fixtures for your home. You can purchase the individual components or kits that have everything you need. If you do not have the skills to install the lighting yourself, hire someone who is qualified and skilled enough to do so safely.

You will love the look your new recessed lighting provides for your home if you take the time to select your fixtures wisely. This information should help you understand each of your buying choices.

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