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1. Is the power supply included?

Yes, the driver (power supply) is included with every fixture.

2. Can I connect more than 1 fixture to 1 power supply?

No. You need 1 driver for every fixture.

3. Are your fixtures CSA approved for use in Canada?

Yes, they are cETLus approved and certified to CSA standards.

4. I live in New York. Will I have problems with inspection if I install your lights?

Our fixtures conform to UL standards and are legal to be installed anywhere in USA and Canada.

5. Where are your fixtures made?

They are made in our factory in Shenzhen, China.

6. Are your fixtures dimmable?

Yes, they are dimmable down to about 20% with approved dimmers.

7. Which dimmers should I use?

We recommend LED dimmers with low range adjuster. This would allow you to set the lowest possible level before the fixtures start to flicker of shut off. This setting would also depend on the number of fixtures installed and the local line voltage. You can download the compatible dimmer list from here.

8. How many fixtures can I install per dimmer?

This depends on the dimmer load rating. Devide the dimmer rating by the power usage of the model. For a typical dimmer rated for 150W LED load you can install maximum of 16 of our 9W model, 12 of the 12W model, etc.

9. What is the brand of the LEDs in your fixtures?

It is Epistar.

10. What is the difference between the two 4 inch models?

1. Brightness : model LY4RCS is 50W halogen equivalent and model LY41RCD is 65W halogen equivalent.

2. Trim diameter and width:
model LY4RCS – OD is 4 3/4 inch and ID is 4 1/8 inch. The hole has to be carefully cut since there is no room for mistakes.
model LY41RCD – OD 4 15/16 inch and ID is 3 15/16 inch. The trim is wider so this model may cover better old holes.

11. What is the difference between the two 6 inch models?

1. Brightness : model LY6RCS is 65W halogen equivalent and model LY61RCD is 75W halogen equivalent.

2. Trim diameter and width:

model LY6RCS – OD is 6 3/4 inch and ID is 6 3/16 inch. The hole has to be carefully cut since there is no room for mistakes.
model LY61RCD – OD is 7 inch and ID is 5 15/16 inch. The trim is wider so this model may cover better old holes.

12. Which thickness should I choose, 1/2 inch or 1 inch?

The 1/2 inch can be installed directly under joists – same thickness as the drywall, thus allowing maximum layout flexibility, and their price is lower. If you do not have the joists restriction go for the 1 inch thick models – you can install less fixtures for the same brightness level.

13. How many fixtures should I install?

It depends on many factors – how much light you want, wall colours, ceiling height, etc. Generally keep distance of about 3 to 4 feet in between if you use our 9W fixtures, 5 feet if you use the 12W and 6 feet for the 15W.
You can easily dim them but it is hard to add fixtures if you need more light.

14. How much space in the ceiling do I need?

For the 4 inch fixtures you need 2 inch space above the drywall in order to squeeze the rectangular junction box through the 4 inch round ceiling hole.
For the 6 inch fixtures you need 1 1/2 inch space.
If the space available is less you have the option of remotely installing the drivers using the low voltage extension cables that we provide. They come in 6 feet and 20 feet lengths, inter-linkable, maximum extension is 40 feet.

15. I have seen similar systems with 1 power supply connected to multiple fixtures. Why don't you offer this?

If you have 1 driver for multiple fixtures you need to have additional current regulator on every fixture if you want all to have the same brightness and to dim simultaneously.
Our system is more reliable. Disconnecting of 1 fixture would not effect the operation of the others.
All connections in ceilings require junction box which we provide as driver compartment.

16. Are your drivers forward phase (leading edge) or reverse phase (trailing edge) dimmable?

Our drivers support both.

17. Are your drivers magnetic (MLV) or electronic (ELV)?


18. Are your fixtures Constant Current or Constant Voltage?

Constant Current. Unlike other cheaper fixtures that often have the LEDs are overdriven in order  to save on the number of LEDs used, we run our fixtures at 90% of their rated current. This provides additional reliability and longer life.

19. Do your fixtures have fire rating?

Lighting fixtures do not have fire rating – there is no North American standard to fire rate fixtures. If you need fire rating you have to install fire rated box above the fixtures in the ceiling.

20. Are your fixtures available in 2700K?

Hi, I’ve personally installed hundreds of your LED lights and love them. People still seem a little unsure of LED lighting, but after installing your lights we’ve always had a really positive reaction. One question that keeps being asked by customers and general contractors we work for is, ARE THEY AVAILABLE IN 2700K? I thought I would take the time to email you and find out whether there are any plans to include a 2700k option in the future. One of the main concerns that our customers seem to have, especially those changing to LED for the first time, is whether the light will be warm enough. Although the 3000k achieves this in my opinion, some customers are still left wanting something a little “warmer”.
Thanks, M., Victoria BC”

Lotus LED Lights: We do not have plans to make them in 2700K. We think that this is too yellow.
It takes 1-2 days to get used to the 3000K and then most people will not want to go back to the 2700K.

M: Thank you for a quick response. I have the same opinion. I recently bought some 2700k LED bulbs for home and after putting them in I exchanged them for the 3000k the same day.  I personally find the 3000k warm while still providing a really good quality light.