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Your Slim Recessed LED Lighting Fixtures Can Be More Affordable Than You May Think.
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Why Lotus LED Recessed Lighting Outshines the Competition?

Since its first super slim products launch in 2010, Lotus LED Lights have set the competitive bar extremely high and are the most preferred super slim recessed LED lights used by architects, interior decorators, designers, builders, electricians and homeowners in North America.

Being the design patent holder for its revolutionary connection box with integrated driver, Lotus LED Lights has created a whole new market trend in super slim lighting. Recognized for their elegant, modern lines and high-end finish, Lotus LED Lights slim fixtures take recessed lighting to an entirely new level with breathtaking results!

Imagine being able to easily transform ordinary “drab” rooms into luxurious living spaces by just joining the Lotus LED Lights super thin innovation?!

Thanks to Lotus LED Lights’ innovative super-slim Type IC design, absolutely no housing is required for installation. Add to the connection box driver, and you do not even need a junction box in your ceiling.


Lotus LED Lighting Offers Endless Placement Options Compared to Traditional Recessed Lights.

Lotus LED Lights offers superior flexibility and unlimited layout options, and can be installed anywhere in your home to create a gorgeous high-end living environment by delivering warm and inviting light. Our grateful customers have successfully installed Lotus Recessed LED Lighting in even the tightest and hardest-to-reach places in their homes including attics, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, soffits, garages, nurseries, hallways, stairwells and other areas that would have been impossible with traditional recessed lights’ installation requirements.

Thin and lightweight, Lotus Lights virtually eliminates the needs for extensive hardware at T-Bar installations, such as additional brackets and securing chains. Installations can be done from below, putting an end to crawling around in attics while doing top floor installations. Dropped ceiling installations need only 2 inches clearance with Lotus LED Lights, saving you valuable ceiling height, compared to a whopping 6 to 12 inches drop ceiling spacing required with traditional recessed lighting cans.

Besides saving you from high labour costs, Lotus LED Lights provides long-lasting lighting power, leading to lower energy bills.

Lotus LED Lights guarantees the superior quality with 10 Year Warranty for residential applications and 5 Year for 24/7 commercial ones.

Light up your home and office with Lotus Recessed LED Lights for high-end elegant looks at an affordable price.

Lotus LED Lights – Setting The Benchmark For Slim Recessed Lighting In North America.

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