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Lotus LED Lights

Lotus LED Lights

About Us

Lotus LED Lights is a family-owned and operated business specializing in LED lighting with a head office in Vancouver, Canada.

Our warehouses in USA & Canada are stocked directly from our manufacturing facility in China.

The company’s success is rooted in providing a wide variety of high-quality products, innovative designs and excellent customer service. With 3 stocking warehouses in the USA and 2 in Canada, Lotus LED Lights can ship most orders the same day to deliver the next or 2nd-day ground to 80% of our 4,000+ distributors across North America.

Community Support

Lotus LED Lights is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity


The Lotus LED Lights Story

A timeline of how Lotus LED Lights evolved into its current company.

The birth of an idea that would become Lotus LED Lights.

Ideas, trials and samples started in 2008.

Lotus LED Lights is incorporated.

Online sales begin from a garage in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

The first branded Lotus LED Lights products introduced.

The original super thin panels – a revolution in residential remodel projects for that time.

Manufacturing started of ½” thin recessed panels 4” & 6” in our factory in Shenzhen.

Applied for patent for junction box with built-in driver in China.

Online sales were discontinued in order to focus on direct sales to electrical distributors.

The Main operation was selling LED upgrades in the Vancouver area through BC Hydro rebate programs.

Over 500 businesses upgraded to LED energy-efficient lighting.

Expanded production from raw materials to finished product – moulding, painting, driver assembly, fixtures assembly and age testing.

Substantial quality improvement and controlling the whole manufacturing process allowed us to increase the warranty for our round panels from 3 to 5 years.

Warehouses opened in Delta, BC and Mississauga, ON.

USA subsidiary incorporated.

Applied for patents in USA and Canada for air-tight gimbal fixtures that don’t need housing.

Warehouse expansion in USA

Warehouse opened in Philadelphia – later moved to Hainesport, NJ where it’s still thriving.

Warehouses opened in Seattle, WA (later moved to Vancouver, WA) and Naples, FL.

Applied for patents in USA and Canada

Patents applied for sloped adjustable fixtures based on our revolutionary air-tight gimbals.

A second warehouse opened in Delta, BC, Canada

A custom fixtures manufacturing department is created that allows us to fulfil custom orders in 2 days.

Listening to the needs of our clients has allowed us to create new designs and quality products that offer unique options and solutions for any type of recessed lighting required.

We believe in what we do and support our customers by not discontinuing products as they evolve – we make sure to have replacement parts for all fixtures sold from 2010 to the present day.

While we do not sell direct to electricians and homeowners, we do provide direct technical support to all customers and installers.

Thank you for choosing Lotus LED Lights and look forward to creating more beautiful spaces together.

Find Lotus LED Lights in 4000+ locations across North America.

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